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Bidar district is located in the north-eastern corner of Karnataka, in the borders with Andhra Pradesh to the east and Maharashtra to the   north-west and following are the five talukas of Bidar district: Aurad, Basavakalyan, Bhalki, Bidar and Humnabadand..

Bidar has historical significance dating back to the Bahamani Kings in the 15th century and the capital was later passed into the hands of the Barid Shahi dynasty .

Bidar is World famous for being the place where BIDRIWARE(Bidri Handcraft), a form of silver/Gold filigree art, originated on dark background   of blackened zinc, tin, copper.

The Place also has Spiritual Significance for Hindu, Muslim , Sikh and Jains with various temples , masjids and Gurudwaras.

Air Force Station (AFS) in Bidar is the one finest air base in the country and was the parent base for the 'Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team'(SKAT). AFS Bidar is one of the main training bases for   IAF pilots, various states employees of Indian Air Force Base in Bidar makes city multicultered   and multi linguistic. Recent IAF's new Hawk Trainer Aircraft will also be based in Bidar.

The district has two main rivers, Manjra and the Karanja, with a main Karanja Water reservoir and Janwada dam to help farming and water needs for the living beings.

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